Across the former Soviet Union, there are more than half a million children living in state-run orphanages or children’s homes.

While many are true orphans, still more are “social orphans” who have been taken away from their parents due to abuse or neglect, or have been abandoned to the state because their parents are unable to care for them. Their physical and spiritual needs are enormous.

Without Christ, they face a dismal future of abuse, neglect, drugs, crime and even prostitution.

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan, a number of state-run orphanages are allowing local missionaries and church workers to come in and share Christ’s love with their children. These faithful church workers are loving, nurturing, discipling and teaching these precious children about the love of God and the hope of the Gospel.  Last year, a little less than 10,000 children in over 100 orphanages or children’s homes received regular visits.  With your help, we can reach even more!

SGA Canada has also started a Transitional Orphans Home ministry.  When orphans reach the age of 18 they must leave the orphanages and fend for themselves.

This 1-2 year program prepares young men and women for the real world with spiritual, vocational, emotional, and physical training.

Bogotol Orphanage in Russia

Russian orphans

Transitional Home for Girls

Pastor Kruglikov - Transitional Orphans' Home


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