Compassion Ministry

Compassion Ministries Open Hearts to Christ

SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry changed lives in eight countries across the former Soviet Union in FY 2019—Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Teams sent out by evangelical churches reached a total of 4,826 people on a monthly basis, including 1,374 families. A total of 2,839 food parcels were distributed monthly to needy individuals and families.

This includes food and other humanitarian aid given to individuals and families in eastern Ukraine, where armed conflict between the government and separatist militants continues. In partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund, 860 food parcels were also distributed monthly to 1,712 people and 406 families. In total, SGA’s faithful partners helped provide more than 2.1 million meals for the hungry.As always, these outreaches are conducted through local evangelical churches, helping them to demonstrate God’s love in action as they share the life-changing Gospel with these desperately needy people.

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