Youth Ministry

Thousands of national adolescents and teenagers across Russia and her neighbouring countries have grown up with no memory of life under communism.

They do not see themselves as “former Soviets,” but as Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians — whatever their own national identities.

They are the next generation of their nation, and God is calling thousands of young men and women to proclaim the Gospel today.

The churches are excited because their youth are IN ministry rather than merely receiving ministry themselves. Pastors and youth leaders are seeing the vast potential of youth ministry and its impact on their communities. They are witnessing the growth of this vibrant movement of Russian Christian youth — now numbering in the tens of thousands— and they are excited about it.

We want to assist local churches as they nurture and prepare this new generation of parents, lay ministry leaders, pastors and missionaries. SGA partners are helping to equip youth groups as they are discipled by their local youth leader, and are actively using their gifts to minister in their communities, sharing the Gospel. We are also helping with periodic national and regional training conferences to equip youth leaders for effective outreach.

Pastor Roman Kravchuk, Youth Leader, Ukraine