Restoring Hope Amidst Displacement

WeCare Centers

WeCare Centers provide the vital services most needed in the communities where they are located. This includes food aid and other essential daily living supplies, medical care, workforce training, trauma counseling, spiritual care, legal aid, schooling, rebuilding damaged homes, and other emerging needs.

Numerous Ukrainians, potentially reaching into the millions, found themselves in unfamiliar territories as a result of the conflict, relocating to new cities, villages, and refuge regions. In this context, established social networks play a pivotal role in obtaining information and aid. The interconnections formed among internally displaced persons (IDPs) across the nation are both remarkable and inspiring. Many IDPs are actively participating in supporting fellow displaced individuals in their newfound locales. Simultaneously, a considerable number of IDPs continue to require assistance, guidance, and support. Today, we are pleased to introduce an initiative that bridges these gaps: the “WeCare Centers,” an interconnected network of assistance and optimism.

A core objective of this endeavor is to nurture an active civil society. The Centers’ network draws upon values rooted in the Bible to foster engagement among individuals and organizations for mutual aid. They enthusiastically welcome dialogue and collaboration with other agents of community transformation

Presently, the primary requirements encompass:

  1. Identifying and supporting individuals and leaders who can champion this cause.

  2. The intent is not to create an absolute dependency on their support, but rather to encourage centers to diversify their funding streams. Based on this approach, partial support for a center (encompassing operational expenses and salaries) averages between $7,000 and $9,000.

  3. The anticipation of the emergence of new church initiatives in multiple locations, requiring assistance for premises and pastoral support.

  4. An ambitious aspiration involves the establishment of a minimum of five consultancy centers within the upcoming year. These centers, an extension of the WeCareCenters model, would offer diverse consultancy services across various domains.