Immanuel's Child

Join other dedicated churches and families who are supporting children across Slavic regions this Christmas.

Immanuel’s Child is an initiative carried out by dedicated churches across Slavic regions. Their primary goal is to connect with thousands of children and families, introducing them to the essence of the Christmas story. These families are invited to local churches for a distinctive Christmas event.

Every child who attends is presented with treats, a thoughtful gift, an illustrated children’s Bible, and a special Star of Bethlehem ornament. Adding a personal touch, this ornament is signed by a supportive family from Canada. More than the gifts, families have the opportunity to hear the fundamental message of the Gospel in a clear and meaningful manner.

This program is our way of providing a unique platform where your church can come together with other churches and believers to advance the gospel beyond our Canadian boarders.

By uniting, we can amplify our efforts and extend not just material gifts but also a deeply transformative message of hope during the festive season. This is a chance to make a lasting difference in the lives of children who truly need that beacon of hope in these uncertain times.

Would you consider partnering with us this year to make this a successful campaign?

Your donation will provide each child with:

  • A portion of the star, signed by you, symbolizing your heartfelt contribution.
  • An illustrative children’s Bible, providing access to God’s Word.
  • A unique gift thoughtfully chosen by their local pastor.
  • A personal visitation by the pastor and the dedicated church team.


Your donation makes a difference.

Immanuel's Child Gift Package

Immanuel's Child in Kharkov, Ukraine

Immanuel's Child Outreach in Russia

Immanuel's Child in Krasnoyarsk, Russia