Empowering Orphans Across Ukraine

Hebron Academy

We are excited to introduce an exemplary initiative that showcases the positive impact Ukraine needs more of. We recently had the privilege of connecting with Kostya (CEO), and the co-founders of HebronSoft, a globally-oriented software development company with a strong commitment to social responsibility.

What makes HebronSoft even more remarkable is its steadfast support for Hebron Academy, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to making a difference.

Hebron Academy’s mission, as stated on their main website, is deeply impactful: “Since 2016, we have been empowering orphans, half-orphans, and young individuals affected by the repercussions of Russian aggression in Ukraine or those facing challenging circumstances. These young people possess potential but lack the necessary resources and moral support to thrive in society. We firmly believe that education is the most potent form of assistance.”

This philosophy resonates strongly with us. Kostya (CEO) shared with us the inner workings and overarching objectives of both HebronSoft and Hebron Academy, igniting our curiosity to learn more about the academy firsthand. This opportunity came to fruition, as we had the privilege of visiting Hebron Academy at the onset of August, during the off-season dedicated to maintenance and preparation for the upcoming academic year. Situated amidst the serene outskirts of Lviv and surrounded by lush woodlands, Hebron Academy offers a picturesque setting. During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting Yurii, the operations director, who graciously guided us through the upcoming laboratory, classrooms, and accommodations. The campus boasts a splendid yard replete with sports facilities, an open space for campfires and gatherings, and even a gentle creek. Future plans envision additional areas for outdoor learning, reflection, and Biblical meditation.

Our enthusiasm to revisit Hebron Academy is twofold. Firstly, we were captivated by a Hebron narrative concerning two students hailing from our hometown of Kherson, individuals we have known since their formative years. The potential positive influence the academy could wield over their lives is truly heartening. Secondly, a recent conversation with a friend about Hebron’s endeavors revealed their firsthand knowledge of lives transformed through the academy’s initiatives. This external testament only heightened our eagerness to experience the transformative journey of students firsthand, witnessing their progress and growth.

The prospect of witnessing a space committed to nurturing and providing opportunities to young lives is undeniably inspiring. Beyond merely enhancing skill sets, Hebron Academy is dedicated to effecting profound life transformations. This holistic approach aligns perfectly with our shared aspiration to create a brighter future for the youth of Ukraine.