Prison Ministry

Across the former Soviet Union there are a staggering number of people for whom life is seemingly hopeless.

In Russia alone there are over 700,000 men, women and children in prison. Many of the prison officials have opened their doors for SGA pastors to visit regularly and share God’s Word with the inmates, however, the openness does vary from region to region in Russia and will depend upon the officers in charge of each prison.

One pastor from the Dzerzhinks region wrote:

“Please, pray for the prison ministry in this region. There are 20 prisons here and we used to visit people in all of them from time to time. But because of ambiguous attempts of the Orthodox church (which authorities prefer more to deal with), we meet many obstacles in our attempts to visit believers there. Many prisoners write us with the request to meet with us but we cannot visit them without permission. Please, pray for this need as such a situation makes our hearts ache!”

Please pray that the Lord will bless this growing ministry and continue to open doors in the prisons.

Men, women & children in prison