March 25, 2022


Ukraine War Relief

Thank you from SGA Canada to all those who have contributed towards the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We are deeply troubled by all that has happened since February 24th when Russian forces invaded the country of Ukraine on several fronts. 

At the time of writing this update at least 25% of the population have been displaced. Many women and children have crossed borders into Poland, Romania or Moldova uncertain of what is next. Some have been extricated from Ukraine into Russia on the eastern side of the country with false pretenses. These are all troubling circumstances for thousands of families. 

Through SGA and our church partners in these locations we are providing funding to feed, clothe and house the displaced for as long as needed. No one can predict what will happen and everyone lives from day to day trusting God for each step in this uncharted territory. Transportation has been generously given to many free of charge.

Our prayer is that we can continue to procure a sufficient flow of food, fuel and finances to sustain the massive influx of people relocating to a safe haven. Many have decided to remain in local communities and be the beacon of hope, sharing the Gospel in the midst of darkness. These are local pastors whom we have supported with your ongoing gifts long before this war started. They have chosen to stand firm and trust God for protection in very dangerous situations.

Please sign up on our website for regular updates. This way you will have a firsthand account from those living through this catastrophic time in history for the people of Ukraine. We ask you to pray and give during these days of destruction and devastation for an entire nation that need to know you are there for them.

Bill Ball

Executive Director